Why Aesthetics at an Ophthalmology Practice?

Dr. Deborah Gess Ristvedt and team performing a ProFractional procedure

Kalon’s location inside Vance Thompson Vision often begs the question, “Why does the same clinic that provides advanced eye surgery and eye care also have facial filler and skin treatments?”

For those outside the ophthalmology and eye care industries, the connection isn’t immediately obvious, is it? Rest assured, this is a common pairing nationwide and one that stems from the natural intersection between our expertise and patient requests for the types of procedures Kalon offers. Knowing the anatomy is extremely important in optimizing results. And knowing the delicate structures that reside around the eye and throughout the face leads to great outcomes.

The even more logical explanation is that the technology and lasers for correcting vision are very similar to those for improving skin. Being attached to an ophthalmology practice also allows Kalon to draw from the experience of Vance Thompson Vision’s board-certified surgeon, Dr. Deborah Gess Ristvedt, when more advanced procedures are required for Kalon patients.

“We love being able to show patients that we hear them, that there is something they can do, and that we can help them feel great about how they look too.”

“Patients may come to see us for cataracts, but while they’re here, they mention that their eyes look tired and that they want to do something about it, or they bring up a skin condition they’ve been dealing with, “ says Dr. Ristvedt. “We love being able to show that we hear them, that there is something they can do, and that we can help them feel great about how they look too.”

Finally, ophthalmology is not confined to the inner workings of the eyes. The discipline is broader, specializing in the structure, function, and anatomy of the eyes, eyelids, and mid-face from both a medical and surgical perspective. Many ophthalmologists have expertise in managing the delicate skin around the eyes as well as performing surgery when eyelids are droopy or turned inward (entropion) or outward (ectropion).

Vance Thompson Vision always strives to impress patients when they visit our clinic. From the parking lot to the exam room, we want each person who comes through our doors to have the best care possible provided by a friendly, competent team skilled in a wide range of procedures that meet your goals. Adding Kalon to our clinic gives you even more possibilities to see — and look — your best.