Medical-Grade Skin Care: Why Choose It?

Medical-grade skin care products on a counter.

Skin care isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. One week of taking really good care of your skin won’t yield much, if any, noticeable change. However, over time, the cumulative results of regular care begin to show in clear skin, more even tone, and less wrinkles. 

The products you use to maintain that routine also matter. While plenty of skin care options are available from the aisles of a general merchandise store, online, or individual reps, you’ll find Kalon stocked with ZO Skin Health, a medical-grade skin care line that offers concentrated, quality ingredients and reliable results for our patients. We offer medical grade skincare for five reasons:

1. The products are targeted.

Most over-the-counter products treat an array of skin types and conditions with one product, which is a great time-saver. However, when it comes to skincare, choosing specific products for your specific skin is the best way to see results. Medical grade skincare targets specific skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, and wrinkles.

2. ZO and other medical-grade skin care also means access to expertise.

ZO products are only sold through authorized practices, which means when you purchase them, you also have access to the expertise of the providers at that practice. All combined, Kalon’s providers have been helping patients identify and address skin concerns for decades – they know skin! Patients who have struggled through countless rounds of trial and error are surprised and relieved to learn they don’t have to guess any longer. Our providers are skilled at selecting the right products for you. 

3. They’re a good value.

Because these products are concentrated and contain a high percentage of active ingredients, a little goes a long way. Plus, when you’re using the correct products for your concerns, the likelihood you’ll abandon them — wasting the investment you made — is low. (Hint: watch our social pages for promos to save on your faves!) Even better, because medical-grade skin care achieves a healthy dermis, your results from a procedure will be maximized. 

4. Research and clinical studies are important.

ZO and companies like it invest in research and development that drives innovation in how we treat our skin. They’re regularly discovering new and more effective ways to treat skin — all of which are then incorporated into their products. 

5. We want results, too.

The products we recommend for you are all part of our own routines. We stake Kalon’s reputation on providing good guidance, and if we’re going to lead the way to better, clearer skin, we need personal experience with the ZO products we recommend for you. 

We truly believe that medical-grade skin care is the most effective way to achieve the best skin you’ve ever had. We can’t wait for you to experience the results for yourself! Ready to get started? Book your consultation through our website.