It comes as no surprise that clinics everywhere have dubbed MOXI “the laser for everyone.”  No matter your skin type, MOXI can help you achieve your skin care goals. Do you want to mend the initial signs of sun damage? Secure a smooth skin texture and an even tone? MOXI can do it all. This laser treatment also prevents signs of aging, smooths rough textures, corrects melasma, improves pigmentation, and leaves skin with a rejuvenated, silky feel.

30–90 min



MOXI’s gentle, non-ablative laser technology revitalizes skin without harming its surface. It penetrates deeper than a BroadBand Light treatment, but not as deep as a Halo.

The treatment stimulates collagen production by creating microcoagulation zones throughout the skin. Your body repairs these zones and then replaces old, damaged skin cells with new, healthy ones. By increasing your body’s natural collagen production, MOXI helps restore smooth texture and tone.

You may feel a warm, slight prickling sensation during the service. However, our providers will apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area to lessen your discomfort.

Your skin may retain a grainy texture for several days after your treatment. Don’t fret — these dark particles are MENDs (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris) making their way toward the skin’s surface. After 3–5 days, the MENDs slough off to reveal incredibly smooth skin.

Slight swelling may occur around the eyes, but this triggers your inflammatory response which stimulates collagen production.

MOXI can rejuvenate more than just your face. You can also smooth and resurface skin on your hands, arms, legs, neck, and chest.

Yes! MOXI presents a lower risk for hyper or hypopigmentation following treatment. It’s less invasive and penetrative than other laser technologies.

Better Together: MOXI + BBL

Although MOXI is an effective treatment by itself, pairing it with a BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment can multiply its rejuvenating effects. The BBL will balance skin tone while MOXI smooths texture and restores the skin’s surface. Pro tip: this pair works especially well on skin that’s been over-loved by the sun.